February 2020  
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What is Love In[Deed]? It’s a drive to financially support the camp as we move towards a land purchase. Every member, small group class, youth group, or family is given the opportunity to help purchase an “acre” of land. Love In[Deed] is based off of 1 John 3:17, “Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” (NIV). As a ministry of your church, we help train and equip youth to be better Kingdom workers.

Why more land? More land will give us the opportunity to create a larger buffer zone around the current property to ensure houses are not built near the girl’s dorm, chapel, or cafeteria. More land gives us the chance to create a walking trail, primitive camping sites, a low-ropes course, archery, or a wilderness camp.


What is the price per acre? Currently the land is priced at $2,500 per acre. It is undeveloped land that has been logged within the past 20 years. We recognize the cost per acre is steep for the location and land features. Negotiations have been started and the price has already dropped significantly. Perhaps if we approach the seller with cash, the price might be drastically reduced. Pray that the seller might reduce the price more. All money collected above and beyond the needed price will go towards land improvements and amenities.


Why not get a loan? Raw and undeveloped land rarely gets the full loan amount needed in this area. It was discussed and decided by the Board of Trustees to raise 40% of the funds before proceeding with the purchase/loan. As of this writing, that is still the intent. Any money given towards Love In[Deed] will be paid on the principal after the loan (if needed) is secured.


What is the flyer for? The attached flyer is not just something for your church bulletin board. We would like each family unit in your church to have a copy of it. Gasconade Christian Service Camp is an extension of your church and for your use. Multiple copies will be sent to each supporting church to distribute.


When will I get my “Deed?” Every individual, family, or group who gives towards Love In[Deed] will get a “deed” to show their support of Gasconade Christian Service Camp. The “deeds” will be mailed out at regular intervals to the local churches to distribute.  They can also be picked up at the camp throughout the summer.


Are my contributions a tax write-off? Yes. Gasconade Christian Service Camp is a “Charitable Organization” who has filed with the IRS as described in section 501(c)(3).


Because of you:

  • We paid off the $80,000 pool loan in just over two years
  • We have operated debt free for the last two years
  • We have continued to be one of the least expensive camps in the state
  • We paid off the kitchen remodel of $50,000 in 1.5 years
  • We currently have 7 former campers in Bible College
  • We have dozens of men and women in fulltime vocational ministry
  • We only need to “sell” “790 “acres” to purchase the land
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